The offer:

You pay us $5.00 once and we host a gigabyte of your stuff on the web for 20 years.

Yes, that simple.
Yes, twenty years.
Yes, a single payment of five bucks.

No one has asked for a refund so far but in case you decide you've made a mistake within 30 days of purchase you can definitely get one.

Note: currently only accepting PayPal. Please contact support for other options.


You can host any content you want as long as it's legal and not porn.

You might ask...

Who are you?

Hi, I'm Danko and 2038 is one of my pet projects. I launched it in December 2017, updated it for a few months afterwards and it's been working fine mostly unsupervised since then. As all pet projects I had grand plans for it but got quickly distracted.

Still, I'm fully committed to the 20 year promise and generally reply to any support questions within a few hours. The server and payments are handled by VeryPositive, a company I co-founded and led for about twelve years before we all finally decided to take a break.

Are you serious about this?

Very. As far as 20+ year commitments go, having to keep a single server running (plus some backups) isn't that bad.


I think it's important to have a place for things you want to stay available for longer than a year or two without fear of missing a monthly payment or some "management material" deciding to cut costs.

Why even bother charging money for this?

Honestly, at this point it's more of a filter than any hope of covering the monthly costs. An offer like this is of zero interest to any malicious actors while still being the cheapest non-free option available. And you know what they say about free stuff.

In fact, if you're unable to pay for any reason (including the ridiculously limited payment options) just write me an email and I'll give you an account for free.

Is there a feature X available and if not, will it ever be?

An upgrade at some point is likely but there is no roadmap at the moment.

1 GB is not enough for me, can I buy more and will there be a discount?

There's no interface for that but please contact me and I'll see what we can do. There will probably be a small discount too.