Terms of service

Last updated: 2021-01-27 (removed custom applications and live data replication)

This is an agreement between SIA VeryPositive ("We", "Us", "Our") and the user of the services located on 2038.host and 2038.io ("You", "Your").

1. Service and fees

We provide a file and website hosting service ("Service") for a one-time fee. You must pay the fee to use the Service, unless We decide to grant you a free account for any reason. Any attempt to circumvent the fee will result in termination of the account.

The amount of one time fee will be clearly listed on the homepage and throughout payment process. The fee does not include the Value Added Tax which may be applicable to your purchase.

A single payment of the fee covers the use of service until 19 January 2038 or 20 years after the purchase, whichever is greater.

You are eligible for a non-conditional refund within 7 calendar days from the purchase. After the 7 days pass the payment is not refunded as long as the Service is operational, and not refunded under any conditions if the Service stays operational after 19 January 2038.

2. Services provided

Immediately after paying a fee you are entitled to:

Provided services are described in detail in the sections below. Limits described are applied by default to all users but may be increased or removed at Your request. Additional fees may apply.

2.1. Storage

We provide non-volatile storage of your files on our servers accessible via SFTP and FTP protocol using a compatible client application.


Guarantees and remedies

2.2. Public availability

We offer to make your files publicly available on the web. This service uses Your main storage space. By uploading files to the "public" directory of your account you automatically agree to use the service and to these additional limitations.

Limits and restrictions

Guarantees and remedies

Same guarantees as for Storage apply, subject to limits described above.

2.3. DNS hosting

We offer to host the DNS zone for your domain name.

Limits and restrictions


DNS hosting is an additional service provided to paid members free of charge. Therefore we don't offer any additional guarantees for this service.

2.4. Custom domain names

We allow attaching a hostname to a directory in your account.

Limits and restrictions

Same limits as for Public availability apply. Limits apply to account and not to a specific hostname. In addition, you may only use the service for domain names you own or are entitled to operate.


Same guarantees as for Storage apply. In addition, we are not responsible for any downtime caused by DNS failure of any kind if the corresponding DNS zone is not hosted by us or the domain name was not properly configured.

2.5. Custom applications

The custom applications feature is no longer available.

3. Penalties

If you wilfully violate any of these terms we may terminate your account with or without a prior notice and with or without a refund solely upon our discretion.

4. Updates to this agreement

We may change or amend these terms in any way that does not restrict your current use of the service with a prior notice of 14 days. We may choose to apply the new version of terms to new users immediately.

Should new version of terms limit your use of service in a way that is not acceptable to you you may apply for a refund before the new terms take effect or for 14 days thereafter.